Department Soil & Water Conservation Engineering

     Department of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering of faculty of Agricultural Engineering are working on Natural resource management for sustainable agricultural production and in teaching, research and extension activities related to soil and water conservation. Total geographical area in India is 329 million hectares out of which 68 million hectares is critically degraded & another 107 million hectares is severely eroded. A Total of 175 million hectares area is subjected to serious erosion problem like water logging soil alkalinity & salinity etc.

     At this situation major objective of soil & water conservation is to control soil erosion reduce runoff velocity, conserve soil moisture by adapting various measures like contour bunds, nala bunds terrace, farm pound, percolation tank, water harvesting structure, check dam, etc.

     As we know water is most important natural resources. It is most basic human need and valuable national asset efficient development and optimum use of water resources therefor is of great important for the overall development of our country. Land & water are linked together and this linkage may cause water problem in watershed.

     Water is an integral part of land use thus prevention of land degradation is more important than attempting to develop cure after words for long term ecological stability and economic potential of entire watershed better soil conservation practices should be planned with people participation.