Farm Machinery and Power Engineering Department

     Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering of faculty of Agricultural Engineering are working on development of equipment’s, tools suitable for rice based cropping system as well as horticultural based cropping system.. This department is involved in teaching Research and related Extension activities it is equipped with modern equipment’s and having computerized facility. It deals with various machines and equipment study, related, to the modern agricultural technologies.

     Department has a completely mechanized farm in which students are trained to operate agricultural machines and equipment’s under the supervision of trained staff. The department is linked with various tractor manufacturing components and other agricultural industries and has active inter communication of latest technology updates.

     Departmental team members delivering quality education to students pertaining to FMPE as well as involved in quality research by keeping pace with the changing needs of Agricultural education, Indian tractor and other agricultural machinery as well as farm mechanization. Under this department, students will be given an exposure for using, handling and managing all machineries related to farm like plough, harrow, cultivator, thresher, combine harvester and power sources like tractor, power tiller, oil engine etc. Besides these, research works for agricultural machineries, hand tools, power sources etc. will also be a part of this department.